Luke’s passion is to help those struggling with split or blended home situations, student-athletes who feel they are underperforming, and those who are simply looking to improve their overall life satisfaction.

Coming from a background in school counseling, Luke’s primary experience is working with pre-teen and teenaged children, and assisting in training WVU students working towards their master’s degrees in counseling.  Apart from a certification in school counseling, Luke is a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor.  He has worked and trained with a variety of experienced, well-qualified counselors to shape his practice to be as effective and personable as possible.

Luke believes that counseling is something that anyone can benefit from.  Just like we all need a trip to the doctor for an occasional check-up, it is always helpful to check in with ourselves and work through any baggage or insecurities we may be holding on to. Whether your problem is severe and drastically impacting your life, or if you are just looking for an unbiased third-party opinion to help through a tricky situation, Luke is dedicated to working with you to help improve your situation as much as possible.

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