Jonathan Pishner Licensed Professional Counselor

Jonathan helps anxious professionals, struggling college students, and victims of trauma. His passion is helping clients see results quickly so that they can get the life they deserve!

Jonathan believes counseling should be an interesting and focused process, centered around helping you achieve the life you want. He believes strongly in helping you see results, and his approach is very direct and honest, while maintaining warmth and a sense of humor.

Jonathan has hundreds of hours of additional training and experience in the treatment of trauma, and has helped people heal from some of the worst events imaginable, as well as just the “wear and tear” of everyday life. He also specializes in anger and anxiety, as well as behavioral addictions.

In addition to his clinical work, he enjoys training other counselors by providing guest lectures for the Counseling program at West Virginia University.  He also provides clinical supervision to counselors seeking licensure, as well as post-license supervision. He also provides training for the Mon County Victim Witness Assistance Program and has taught workshops on frustration tolerance with the Mon County iFather Program.

Jonathan believes that most people who see a counselor are not psychologically abnormal. Most people are having normal reactions to a complex, stressful, ever-changing world. His job is simply to help you become more effective in dealing with that world. Most people are never