Emily is a licensed professional counselor with more than a decade of experience. She is passionate about connecting individuals and families with recovery from a variety of mental health and substance use issues. She loves working with overwhelmed or unfocused college students, parents who are struggling with the challenges and guilt of parenting and families, and individuals who struggle with substance use or addiction.

Emily’s skill set is fine-tuned to promote the overall wellness we all strive for. She helps clients to reduce the impact of stress, sadness, and powerlessness caused by difficult events. She does this by enhancing her clients’ sense of empowerment, and focuses on taking a realistic and practical view of the identified problems. She works side by side with her clients to find workable solutions that fit the overall goals, lifestyle, ideology, and recovery her clients seek. She finds great success in assisting the client to challenge and rebuild beliefs and habits that lead to personal success and fulfillment.

Emily’s specialty area is recovery from addiction, but she is equipped to treat a variety of mental health issues. She focuses on the contributing external factors and inner world of her clients to help create room for the desired transformation. Her goal is to help overcome all these barriers and bring the client to their desired state of emotional health and strength. Emily loves helping a client achieve the success they desire in such a way that they no longer need her. It really is remarkable how effective counseling ultimately eliminates the need for counseling!

Emily is credentialed as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Emily is equipped to evaluate and make treatment recommendations for safety-sensitive employees who have violated the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drug/alcohol regulations.

To work with Emily, call 304-381-3659, or click here and fill out the contact form!

Degrees and Certifications:
Master of Arts in Counseling: Arcadia University, Philadelphia PA
Licensed Professional Counselor: WV License 2100
Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor: WV Certification 15-309
Master of Addiction Counselor: National Certification 507818
Substance Abuse Professional

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