Laura Walls passion is helping people recover from abuse and trauma. She works especially well with children, people exiting abusive relationships, and college students who are struggling to adjust to new demands.


Laura is a West Virginia native who has over 10 years experience working with children and young adults who have experienced abuse and trauma. She has worked with our local and state agencies such as the Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center. Laura also helps new counselors by running a personal growth group for Master’s students at WVU.

Laura has a passion for helping people heal from trauma, especially being exposed to domestic violence or sexual abuse. She utilizes a mix of EMDR and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for many of her clients, two of the most researched and respected models of therapy. When youth struggle to cope with a negative event, it takes a very specific set of skills to help them work through that pain. Laura has helped children who have experienced traumatic events, including death, accidents, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other types of abuse. In each case, Laura has helped them move forward and live a better life.

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