Trauma Therapy PTSD

Trauma Therapy PTSD

A negative event can sometimes have a great deal of power in a person’s life.  If an event was powerful enough, you might experience frightening memories and a constant sense of danger. Or you might feel disconnected and numb after a painful event. When these effects start making it hard to function, it’s important to determine the need for trauma therapy.

Any type of negative event can become traumatic, from car crashes to assault to war trauma. Trauma can also be caused by long-term stress from a dangerous or stressful situation, such as living with an abusive person or in a dangerous area.

You might assume that some events can’t be traumatic because they are not “bad enough”.  But what is important is your reaction to the event, not how bad the event was.  We’ve treated PTSD for people who had overly demanding jobs, were stuck in loveless marriages, and who were bullied in school.  Just because it’s not a life or death situation doesn’t mean it can’t be traumatic.

If you think you’re struggling with a trauma, we’d love to help.  If you want to learn more about trauma, click here or here.

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