behavioral issues

If you are a parent of a child struggling in school, it can be very frustrating and heartbreaking. It can be even more disheartening when you feel the school hasn’t provided a helpful solution, or your child has been “lost in the crowd” and isn’t getting the additional help he/she needs.

There can be many causes to these behavioral issues, and part of our role is helping you navigate through these with your child. Does your child struggle with learning disabilities, peer relationships, or have difficulty staying focused on schoolwork? Does he exhibit anxiety or anger with particular subjects?

If you haven’t found a solution that works, let us help! We can help you to evaluate school behaviors that have caused alarm or concern, and work on ways to implement new approaches in their education setting.  In many cases, you as the parent can make changes in the home that can help a great deal to change their school behavior, so part of our approach will be helping you to adjust your parenting style to your child’s needs.

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