Treatment Services

Individual Counseling

There are times in life where even the toughest person needs extra support. If you’ve never been in counseling before, you may be wondering if it’s for you, or even what’s involved.

Counseling is basically a professional mentorship, focused on solving a specific problem. Your counselor will act as a guide to help you solve the problem and get the life you want. Individual counseling is for you if you have been struggling with some difficulty and have not yet been able to resolve it on your own.

We help people with a lot of different problems. Here are some of the ones we’re especially good at:

Children and Family services

If life can be hard to change on your own, it can be even more so when other people are involved. Counseling with a couple or a family can help to smooth out rocky relationships, teach better communication, give parenting tips, and help replace heartache with healing. If you are having trouble getting the relationship you want with your loved ones, counseling can help you get the relationship on the right track.

Child counseling

Children’s brains function completely differently from adults. They learn differently, think differently, and behave in ways that don’t always make sense. Many parents are concerned about their child’s behavior in school or in the home. We help children who have problems with behavior and with attention. We also help parents by offering coaching on how you can adjust you parenting style to fit your particular child.

Adolescent counseling

Teenagers and young adults face unique issues that can make it difficult for older adults to relate to them. They can be moody, irritable, and impulsive. In a helping relationship, being able to connect with the difficulties of young people is essential. Our experience with teenagers and college students has helped us create a counseling style that is very well suited to helping young people transition from childhood into adulthood.

Everyone Else

If you’ve read the above and you’re not sure if we can help, call or email us! If we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll connect you with a counselor we trust in the community who can!