Today, many people struggle with the use of substances.  This can involve alcohol, illegal drugs, even prescription medications.  Substance Use counseling is intended to help our clients through a difficult process of change.  The counseling process for substance use usually includes goal identification and clarification; use of evidence-based strategies; and development of important skills. The entire process is designed to result in steady progress and change.

We utilize evidence-based counseling to help each client achieve a life that is safe and satisfying. The services for substance use that we offer are tailored to the unique needs of each person and are provided in a judgement-free atmosphere.  Treatment is individualized, rather than employing a “one-treatment-fits-all” approach.  As part of this, our treatment does not always insist on abstinence, instead tailoring this aspect of treatment to each individual’s needs.

When entering Substance Use treatment, a client can expect the following process: Assessments are conducted to identify the right type of treatment for each person. Treatment strategies are then guided by the person’s individual needs, with goals that can include developing strategies/coping skills; managing cravings; and addressing lifestyle, family, and/or work issues that may have been strained due to substance use.

Some people may need different levels of care, such as withdrawal management or residential treatment. We offer complete assessments to determine appropriate level of care and can assist with referrals when the person is ready to take that step. Until a person is ready to become abstinent from substance use, we use harm reduction strategies to keep him or her as safe as possible.

Couples or family counseling is available, as safe and healthy family support can be a useful tool in the journey of substance use counseling and recovery.

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