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Right now, we’re looking for creative, motivated therapists who love seeing their clients get amazing results.
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If you need a little more information, here are what we’re looking for:

Apex Counseling Contracted Therapist

Requirements to apply:

Degree: Master’s or Doctorate in Counseling, Social Work, or Psychology

One of the following licenses required:

School Psychologist Level 2
Licensed Psychologist

(If you are under LPC supervision or are eligible for LPC supervision, but meet all other requirements, other employment options may be available with us, so still get in touch!)

Advanced training in at least one specialty area, including but not limited to:

LGBT issues
Chronic Illness
Chronic Pain
Eating Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spiritual counseling
Sex therapy

As one of our contracted therapists, you would be agreeing to do the following:

Use clinically valid theories and approaches when you see your clients
Get your notes, treatment plans, and other paperwork done in a timely manner
Write your notes and treatment plans in accordance with insurance requirements
Maintain your own networking efforts and contacts within the community
Spend some time volunteering within the community (it’s not all about the money, you know)
Schedule your clients and manage your calendar
Maintain your own license, malpractice insurance, and credentialing
Continue to be a helpful, positive team member
And the most important requirement: get your work done and go home. We don’t believe in 50, 60, or 80 hour work weeks.

Things our contracted counselors are NOT required to do:

See any specific number of clients per week
Meet any kind of “productivity” ratio
Treat clients who are not the right fit or that you’re not fully competent to treat
Go to pointless meetings. If we run out of useful discussion after 5 minutes, the meeting is over.
Work with negative, mean, incompetent, or destructive team members.  We don’t hire them.

Thanks for reading this far.  If you’re still interested in working with us, email Jonathan at

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