Courtney believes that many people think humans are always supposed to be happy- and that if they are not, something is wrong. She recognizes nothing is “wrong” with a person who experiences pain or suffering, because pain and adversity are normal parts of being human. Courtney believes life is made up of mountaintops and valleys, and strives to help her clients find balance between the two. She works to help clients embrace the difficult parts of life and find meaning in adversity.

Courtney believes our thoughts are powerful, directly impacting our emotions and our decisions. She enjoys assisting clients in identifying and replacing thinking patterns that are no longer useful. Through finding meaning in adversity and challenging unhealthy thinking patterns, Courtney helps clients create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

She enjoys working with individuals who are seeking recovery or in recovery from substance abuse issues. Courtney also enjoys working with individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system, reentering society following incarceration, or navigating the stressors of working in law enforcement. After 11 years working with individuals in the criminal justice system, Courtney is uniquely qualified to work with the challenging problems in the lives of these clients.

Courtney works well with individuals who have difficulty connecting with their emotions, or who are navigating difficult circumstances in their lives and relationships. Additionally, Courtney is passionate about walking clients through the process of grief, whether related to a death or any other loss. Courtney believes in creating space for intentional grieving, through which meaning and healing can be found.

Master of Arts in Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor

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