chronic illness

Are you battling a chronic illness? or have grown up with a family member who has this battle every day. The wear and tear of an endless struggle can take a toll on a person and their life. Your family, finances, job, friends, energy, and overall happiness can be greatly impacted because of a chronic illness. Sometimes prescriptions for managing these illnesses can have negative side effects, and others experience chronic pain that never seem to dissipate.

One of our specialties is working with clients who are struggling with chronic illnesses. There are a lot of personal struggles that can emerge while battling your health, doctors, hospitals, and insurances. With this strain, it would make sense if you are experiencing depression or anxiety as well. We would love to help you navigate these difficult issues.

Coping through all of this requires some additional support and understanding. As part of engaging in therapy for chronic illnesses, we will process and manage the disruptions that play out in your work, family, school, and other areas of your life. We will help you work through this emotional roller coaster, create strategies for coping, regain control of your attention and energy, and help you navigate through all the life changes that accompany your health diagnosis.

Working with a counselor may not fix your physical symptoms, but learning to focus less on an illness and more on living with meaning and purpose can help you create a life of happiness, despite physical limitations.

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