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Treat your spouse better than a stranger

By Jonathan Pishner Yes, the title is written correctly. You should treat your spouse better than a stranger. Obvious, right? On the surface, everyone would agree to this. But in practice, it doesn't always turn out that way. When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you eventually become very comfortable with [...]

By | January 24th, 2016|Lifestyle|Comments Off on Treat your spouse better than a stranger

Two tips for making a change stick

A lot of people engage in the tradition of making a resolution for improving their life at the beginning of a new year. However, a lot of people have trouble with sticking to their new plan. Since we are a few weeks into the year (the time when people start to struggle with their resolutions), [...]

By | January 12th, 2016|Lifestyle|Comments Off on Two tips for making a change stick

The Habit Stack – Why it’s so hard to change habits

by Jonathan Pishner As a counselor, I have first hand experience in how difficult it is for people to change their thinking, behaviors, and habits. I am often asked the question, "Why is it so hard to change habits?" The most enduring lesson I ever learned in my years of counseling is that “people don’t [...]

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