Anger Management

Anger Management

An excess of stress can often turn into anger at your spouse, your kids, yourself, and the world around you. Have you found yourself snapping at people, yelling at your family, or breaking things? When things don’t go your way, is your default response annoyance, frustration, or rage? If so, you can benefit from working with a counselor on ways to better manage your anger.

Anger can be sometimes be difficult to address on your own, especially if there is no time at all between an event and the resulting explosion. We help people learn ways to stay calm, think more clearly, and “lengthen their fuse”, so that the explosion takes much longer, if it happens at all. For those who never explode, but just stay at a simmering level of frustration, we help to lower the frustration until your default state is much more calm.

We help people with their anger by teaching them calming techniques that actually work, helping them reduce the stress in their lives, and when necessary, working on the root problems that cause anger to be your most likely response. Once anger is treated, it is often necessary to work on the relationships that have been damaged as a result of hurtful words or frightening behaviors, and we are glad to help you heal those relationships.

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