Abusive Relationships

When you are in a relationship with someone that you love, it is oftentimes hard to acknowledge that they may be abusive. We minimize the behaviors, ignore signs, or justify the reasons for why it is happening. Sometimes, the behaviors become so normalized that we don’t take action or we don’t seek help out of fear. Sometimes, it’s because we think we can “save” or “fix” the person. I have seen many women and men “hit a breaking point” and finally attempt to leave the relationship, but then get caught into the web of remorse and kind gestures from their partner, and decide to give their relationship another chance. This becomes a painful cycle of abuse, remorse, and guilt, but also layered with moments of hope and affection. Our hope is that you finally make the stride to talk to one of our therapists for direction and guidance through this process, and seek a better understanding of healthy relationships or how to end an abusive relationship.

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